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Jarrett & Raja follow in Siegfried & Roy’s footsteps in Las Vegas

A new Siegfried and Roy? Pretty darn close!

Jarrett & Raja always dreamed of following in the
footsteps of their idols Siegfried & Roy, but now, after years of
touring and overseas shows, they also are starring in the new “America’s
Got Talent Live” at Palazzo — allowing them to live and work at home.

Raja tells Las Vegas Sun: “The timing is so right to have that kind of a magic
show again. We have always had Siegfried & Roy as inspirations, not
just magically but artistically, their attention to detail. We are also
very detailed guys, very specific about what we want.

you see onstage, from the magic props to the costumes to the originally
composed music, the arranged music, everything you see, we go through
with a fine-tooth comb. We really have used the guys for now 10 years as
a source of inspiration after getting to know them back in 2003.:

“Americas Got Talent  Live” is at Palazzo nightly through April 14