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Diana Ross in Las Vegas

diana ross las vegas

Las Vegas Sun says:

The Supremes superstar singer Diana Ross has inked April dates for the first nine performances of her new mini-residency contract at the Venetian.

Soon to follow in this new entertainment lineup set for the former “Phantom — The Las Vegas Spectacular” theater will be Janet Jackson, Lionel Richie and Ricky Martin, all exactly as we revealed in an exclusive story posted Jan. 5.

The decade of the solo-superstar entertainer returning to the Strip is underway.


Michael Jackson ONE Cirque du Soleil Discount Tickets

Michael Jackson ONE!

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Cirque du Soleil prides itself on making each new show bigger and badder than the last. And for this second combination of the spectacle of
Cirque du Soleil with the musical genius of Michael Jackson, this one is
bad all right (which of course means that it’s really really badass).
The first show, the top-grossing Michael Jackson – The Immortal World
Tour is currently touring Europe. In Las Vegas, four new acts of Michael Jackson ONE were previewed to the media as a sneak peek of the new King of Pop-driven show at Mandalay Bay.

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Out Music Awards Dec. 14-16, 2012

Fine-tune your sensory apparatus and get ready to party hard during the
most anticipated weekend in LGBT music and entertainment when the 8th Annual OUTMUSIC Awards rocks Las Vegas for the first time ever live from Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.  

The LGBT Academy of Recording Arts,
for the first time ever, will present three days of the most astounding
events and performances to honor the contributions and achievements of
LGBT artists.  
Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting OUTMUSIC Awards or Ticketmaster. Prices range from $31.00 to $81.00; Three-day event passes are also available. 
Celebrating the best recordings artists, performers and
industry contributions in music each year with a message of inclusion,
equality and freedom of expression, the OUTMUSIC Awards has become one
of the most anticipated events in LGBT music and entertainment since its
founding 22 years ago.
This year’s OUTMUSIC Awards will pay homage to seven
outstanding individuals who have positively impacted the LGBT music
industry and community. Honorees include Bishop Yvette Flunder (Heritage Award), Ari Gold (Visionary Award), Joey Arias (Lifetime Achievement Award), Diana King (Vanguard Award), Storme Delarverie (Living Legend Award), Labi Siffre (Spirit Award), and Jobriath (OUTMUSIC Icon Award).

Another Chippendales Dancer Comes OUT – Jaymes Vaughan

Jaymes Vaughan, a singer and dancer with the infamous Chippendales male revue recently came out in the pages of QVegas magazine. Making him the 2nd out gay dancer from the show.

What?!? Chippendales gay!  and  have singers?
Of course they do – these are your Mother’s Chippendales!

Most of you don’t remember the original Chippendales. In 1979  Chippendales was the first all-male stripping troupe to make a business
performing for mostly female audiences. Through the quality of its
staging and choreography, Chippendales also helped legitimize stripping
as a form of popular entertainment.

Now, they live on in Las Vegas. The Chippendales perform in a ten-million dollar theater and lounge built specifically for them at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Annually, the official men of Chippendales are seen by almost two million people worldwide. Men ARE ALLOWED into see the show these days.

Back to Jaymes, who does double duty at Rio.

“My nights start at 6:00pm and I don’t stop until 12:30am. I
start Show In The Sky, run up to Chippendales in time for my first song,
run back to Show In The Sky for my next number there, and so it goes
each night. There is a four minute break where I run to Burger King,
they give me my chicken sandwich and I run back in time to sing my next

Vaughan has also released a new single, “Vampire,” and recorded the
accompanying music video. He says he’s always loved the Dracula types,
even as a kid, but that the song is really about being in a
situation where you can’t be yourself; where you can’t live a part of
your life in the daylight; being in a relationship that I can’t share
with my family.

WATCH THE VIDEO on his site.

Coming out wasn’t like facing the harsh light of day: Vaughan was
already out to his family and friends—and even hosted Las Vegas Pride in
2011. This is more a case of coming out publicly as one of the few
openly gay entertainers on the Strip.

“I hope to be able to
take advantage of a platform so that my fourteen-year-old self that was
sitting in Chesterfield County, Virginia, might find some hope. The
fourteen year old that had no one to look up to; whose mama told him he
better not be gay; whose church told him he was going to hell; whose
best friend killed himself because he didn’t “fit in.” Because he didn’t
have any hope. I thought for so long you had to cover up who you were
to be successful. I’ve realized you can be more successful by being

IN 2008-  Instinct magazine’s annual swim suit issue  cover  features Chippendales’ first openly gay dancer, Brandon
,  talked about how most Chippendales guys are mistakenly
pegged as being gay.

“I guess it is monumental for this company,” Pereyda notes. “Chippendales
guys are often pegged as being gay. And they’re not. And I think this
will clear the slate.”

He continues, “They’re all straight, but we would
do anything for each other and that’s what I really love about working
here. They don’t view my be gay as a negative thing at all.”

On a sidenote – Chippendales in Vegas
has already reached out to muscle hottie Kris Humphries, hoping to fill their empty
celebrity MC spot at the Rio — previously occupied by ex-98 Degrees
singer Jeff Timmons.

She’s Back! Get in Line for Celine Dion Tickets. Again.

Call me a bad gay – 
but I am sorry, I just don’t get what all the fuss about Celine Dion is all about.

I have never counted her among my all time favorite diva’s. I know I am going to get BOO’s for that!

Last night she returned to the Las Vegas stage at Caesars and they can’t print the tickets fast enough this time round. She is already selling out shows 10 months out!  AND  16 shows have been  added over New Year’s from Dec. 28 through Jan. 22. Is she not going to sleep?

People from around the world, flock to Las Vegas to see her. It’s like when Siegfried and Roy held court at the Mirage. People would fly in from around the globe to see them and plan their trips around when tickets were available.

Celine and manager husband Rene Angelil are already thinking of extending the new three-year contract by two additional years to make it another five-year stay.

“We are ready for the opening,” Rene told LAS VEGAS SUN  after the final rehearsal. “This is now it. Both Celine and I are very happy it is all together and ready. Celine says it is the perfect show for the fans, and I know they will love all the music and the special effects. She really excels singing live. She is outstanding and feels she is at the peak of her career. I believe people will want to see this spectacular again and again.”

WOW –  that’s all I can say!

Final Shows for Cher’s Three Run at Caesars

Can you believe it?!

Cher’s final run of about a dozen shows.  Cher closes Feb. 5,  and she’ll have performed some 200 shows during those three years at Caesars Palace. 90 minutes a night and it’s been nearly standing room only each performance for the 4,300-seat theater.

She actually gets jittery nerves! Cher   tweeted  this week, “Going 2 Vegas Tues. ! You’d think that after 46 yrs ( God i didn’t even know I WAS 46 yet !) I’d be tripping over my Last NERVE !….But Alas …… I AM ! u think Barbara or Celine or Dolly or ANY OF the OTHER DIVAS SHAKE IN THEIR ALMOST NON EXISTENT COSTUMES ?”

* by the way, she was BORN in 1946!

It has been an extraordinary, record-breaking run.  She says in Burlesque, You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me. But it’s a guessing game is she will ever perform another concert.

She’s told her closest friends that she’s happier at home in Malibu, Calif., than strutting the stage in thigh-high boots, ripped fishnets and garter belts on The Strip, although she has enjoyed her run and the acclaim.

What a great space Caesars is for a show. The Colosseum at Caesars Palace is a contemporary interpretation of one of antiquity’s architectural wonders. Built at a cost of $95 million, The Colosseum is a striking landmark. With seating for up to 4,300, The Colosseum is designed to  provide audiences with an extraordinary entertainment experience. No fan is more than 120 feet from Cher while seated for the show.

“Cher is an entertainment legend,” John Meglen, co-CEO and president of AEG Live/Concerts West, said. “We are delighted that she has called The Colosseum at Caesars Palace home for three years. We wish her luck in future endeavors and thank her and the cast and crew for their dedication.”

“Every performance by Cher has been as fresh and energetic as opening night. She has reigned among the best of our city’s long roster of legendary talents,” said Gary Selesner, president of Caesars Palace. “Nobody will want to miss these grand finale performances.”

If you want to see her one last time, there are still some tickets left . But hurry! The clock is ticking!

Celine Dion, is returning to her Colosseum home in March. AEG producers have talked with Shania Twain about a series of 2011 dates, and they are awaiting word from Rod Stewart for new mini-residency run dates.

Best Gay Las Vegas

Liberace Museum To Close Its Doors – End of an Era

Sadly, due to falling revenue, the eccentric and  wonderfully kitschy Liberace Museum , which has long delighted fans in its home within a strip mall on the west side of Las Vegas, is closing next month.  The  Museum  is closing its doors Oct. 17th,  after 31 years.

This landmark was dedicated to one of the 20th century’s most flamboyant entertainers, known as much for his glitzy costumes and extravagant performance style as for his piano playing, and who epitomized bling long before it was a household word!

“In some ways, the museum was the last vestige of an entertainment icon,” said Jeff Koep, chairman of The Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts, which runs the museum that exhibits the entertainer’s extensive costumes, cars, pianos, candelabra, and jewelry. 


Often referred to as “Mr. Showmanship,” Liberace is known for giving his audience what they wanted, with performances that included everything from classical to pop music. He is credited with influencing entertainers from Elvis and Michael Jackson to Elton John and Lady Gaga.


Koep said, there has been a steady decline in numbers to the Liberace Museum, from a high of 450,000 annual visitors 15 years ago to about 50,000 annually today. Over the years, people just lose interest I guess.

Along with the museum’s real estate problems, mortgage debt and lack of a steady income stream — also factored into the decision to close. The Liberace Foundation owns the strip mall that houses the museum, but 50 percent of the rental units currently are vacant. And while royalty revenue from intellectual property was robust 30 years ago, today selling to a younger generation unfamiliar with Liberace’s music is tough, Koep said.

“We are not closing the book on Liberace or what he stands for,” he added. “We’re trying to regenerate the brand.”


The foundation recently finalized a deal for a national traveling tour of its Liberace collection and one day hopes to reopen the museum in a more accessible location in Las Vegas. Currently, it is five miles from the Strip.

Being more fiscally prudent also will ensure Liberaces legacy to continue to fund scholarships . Since 1976, roughly $6 million in music scholarships have been awarded to some 2,700 students.

The Cabaret at The Liberace Museum  – has been hosting  “Liberace and Me,” staring Philip Fortenberry
three times a week.  The FINAL performance is October  13th  at 1pm.

 Philip Fortenberry, the extraordinary artist and renowned pianist, improvisational composer and cast member of “Jersey Boys,”  performs his intimate acoustic cabaret-style piano performance, “Liberace and Me,” at the glittering Liberace Museum.  Philip will thrill you with his versatile styles that encompass a wide range of musical genres.   $17.50  Learn more about Philip Fortenberry at 

One  piece of good news for the many GLBT visitors who’ve made their way to this campy landmark: the long-time gay bar in the same shopping center, Good Times , is alive and well – it continues to be an especially popular venue with the gay Latino community in Las Vegas, and it is NOT closing.


$1 Billion for Madonna to Play Caesars Palace? Seriously?

MTV reports Madonna has been offered $1 billion for a five-year Las Vegas residency.


How much money do these celebrities need to make? And how high will ticket prices go, before we say enough is enough? It’s ridiculous that ticket prices are 5  times as expensive as they were 20 years ago.  Yet, our wages, for MOST of us, have not even doubled or tripled in the last 20 years.

But regardless of what we make, the singer could follow the footsteps of acts such as Celine Dion , Elton John and Cher who relocated to the gambling capital of America to performing nightly shows in Sin City.
Celine’s five-year residency drew nearly three million people to 717 performances, but it’s thought Madge would surpass that. Ticket prices would be expected to be  $150-$300.

Barbra Streisand has rejected a whopping $100 million, three year deal from Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.  Is any performer really  worth  $1 Billion? 

It could all be a rumor who knows. But if the deal goes ahead, Madonna would become the third highest paid female entertainer in the world, behind Oprah Winfrey and American homemaking entrepreneur Martha Stewart.

Is she worth it?  We’ll see……

Best Gay Las Vegas

The Cabaret Showroom at the Liberace Museum with Philip Fortenberry


The Liberace Museum was founded April 15, 1979, by the legendary entertainer Liberace. The Museum features “Mr. Showmanship’s” dazzling jewelry, rare antiques, unsurpassed wardrobe, unique and historical pianos and his custom car collection. It is a  MUST SEE!

The non-profit Museum supports the mission of The Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts which has funded scholarships since 1976. The scholarship program has touched the lives of more than 2,700 students.

The Cabaret Showroom inside the Museum property not only serves as a showcase for Liberace’s famous mirrored Baldwin nine-foot grand piano, but also serves as home to several afternoon and evening shows by local entertainers. The venue is also available to aspiring students of the performing arts.

Recently, Broadway veteran and concert pianist Philip Fortenberry  whose critically acclaimed one-man offering, Liberace and Me, has been moving and delighting crowds at the Cabaret for the past year, and plays  three times each week.

As the theatre community of Las Vegas has begun to grow in the last few years, many performers who find themselves homesick for the nurturing artistic environment of the Cabaret rooms of New York and other cities. Artists have begun to discover that the Cabaret at the Liberace Museum is a jewel of a performance venue just moments from the Strip, but well away from the allure of casinos and tourist traffic that dictate the kind of performances that are possible, even allowed to occur on such commercial properties.

Starting with a monthly Composers Showcase which began three years ago as the brain child of Jersey Boys conductor Keith Thompson and his collaborator, Le Reve conductor Michael Brennan, a late-night after-theater subculture began to emerge. Composers would gather with performers in tow and share their latest or most entertaining new works.

As performers from the various Las Vegas production shows and Broadway imports discovered the charm and intimacy of the venue through the Composers Showcase, they became interested in the Cabaret as a place to mount their own shows and charity benefits. Erich Bergen, one of the stars of Jersey Boys, took the lead and presented himself in three sold-out performances to benefit the Museum this past winter. This sparked even more interest from others who wished to offer performer showcases and similar Cabaret shows.

The Cabaret Showroom at the Liberace Museum provides an intimate, alternative venue for performers who find themselves in Las Vegas, wanting to spread their artistic wings and share their gifts and talents.

Philip Fortenberry
Visit  Liberace  Cabaret  for a listing of  day and evening shows.

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