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Why Online Gambling and Excessive Alcohol should never be mixed

If you have ever been to a real world casino, then you will have noticed how much free drinks play a part in keeping players at the tables and slot machines happy.

The fact you can sit down at a casino in Las Vegas, start playing and then have a pleasant member of staff provide you with free drinks certainly helps persuade you to spend the money you’d have otherwise spent on refreshments, going onto your game or slot of choice.

It is fair to say that there is a long-established link between casino gaming in the real world and alcohol, yet there are strict guidelines in place in these establishments that state that under no circumstances should players who are excessively under the influence of alcohol be allowed to gamble.


Yet in terms of online casinos and mobile casinos as found on, there can be no such mandate. When you are playing at home, perhaps after a night out with friends, there is no bartender there to make the judgement as to whether you are too inebriated to play. You are reliant on your own judgement and if you have had a few too many beers or shorts, then that judgement is likely to be flawed.


While enjoying an evening playing online casino games and enjoying a beer or two is not going to impair your judgement, there is a tipping point for most people when the negative effects of alcohol can wreak havoc with their gaming and as such, it is wise to use alcohol when playing online games, with a degree of caution.


The reasons for this are well documented. Research has found that gamblers who are exposed to even just a moderate amount of alcohol are likely to play for longer and wager more than those who only drink non-alcoholic drinks.  Furthermore, it has already been proven that alcohol impairs your thinking and judgement, meaning that if you play while drunk, you are going to play for longer, spend more, but be in no fit state to play properly, or perhaps more worryingly, judge when to stop.


For clear examples of this, you only need to look at the stories of two famous high rollers for whom alcohol and gambling proved a somewhat calamitous combination; former NBA Star Allan Iversen and wealthy Nebraskan philanthropist, Terrance Watanabe.


At the height of his fame Allan Iversen was one of the NBA’s biggest stars, earning over tens of millions in salary alone, plus much more in endorsements and sponsorship deals. Yet, he was also a person who loved to gamble and in particular, loved to gamble and drink.


Over the years, Iversen squandered his fortune at the casino playing games such as Three Card Poker, he would quickly get very drunk while playing, making increasingly higher bets and growing increasingly offensive and angry whilst playing (and losing).


Iversen’s addiction to gambling and drink has cost him his entire fortune and left the player penniless when he and his family should have been set up for life.


Terrance Watanabe’s story is eerily similar, having sold his father’s toy import business for hundreds of millions of dollars, Watanabe began playing at Caesars and the Rio casinos in Vegas, however he alleges that the casinos plied him with drink to the state where he was continually drunk.


Over a sustained two-year period, Watanabe bet over $500 million at the casinos, losing almost all his vast personal fortune and running up a debt of over $77 million at the casinos. In one drunken 24-hour spell in 2007, he lost $5 million!


Of course, the shrewd amongst you will have noticed that in both cases, these high rollers broke casino rules about playing while drunk. However, when you are a whale, many of the casinos rules seem not to apply to you, provided you can pay your bills – a fact that Mr Watanabe blames as being a crucial factor in his losses.


So if you are settling down for an evening playing on your laptop, tablet or smartphone at an online casino and have a case of beers in the fridge, then remember these stories and just enjoy the one or two while you play.


Not only will you be in full control of all your faculties, you will find that you are far less likely to have a physical and financial headache the following morning if you do.


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