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KA – Cirque du Soleils Biggest, Most Expensive, Most Elaborate Production to Date!

The MGM Grand was once the biggest hotel in the world and its been home to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry!

It is  currently home to KA, the most technically advanced, biggest and most expensive ($165 MILLION)  Cirque Du Soleil show in its history. The show opened in Las Vegas in 2005 and will operate  thru 2015. More than 1 million people have seen the extraordinary Ka by Cirque du Soleil as it celebrated its fifth anniversary at MGM Grand this year.

This show is jaw-dropping and eye-popping at times! One cannot deny the grandeur and spectacle that this multi-million dollar extravaganza gives to its audience.  Photographs do not even do the show justice. 

As soon as you walk into the auditorium, you witness the massiveness of this production. 1900  seats  and each seat in the KÀ Theatre has two speakers built into its headrest which allows sound effects to be targeted, manipulated and customized to any of 16 seating zones.

Plus, you see the huge  “post and beam” apparatus, that is several stories tall and  is magnificently lit and designed, is something to behold. During the pre-show alone, approximately 120 fireballs are discharged. These fireballs measure 30 feet in height and reach temperatures of 1200° Fahrenheit.

KA  itself, transcends place and time, with a theatrical landscape, scenic elements and costumes inspired by an array of diverse cultures. 

 Brought to life by 80 artists from around the world, KA is a gravity-defying production featuring a powerfully emotive soundtrack that enhances the innovative blend of acrobatic feats, Capoeira dance, puppetry, pyrotechnics (119 pyrotechnic devices are fired throughout the show), projections and martial arts. It is an epic saga of Imperial Twins — a boy and a girl — who embark on an adventurous journey to fulfill their destinies.

KA is  a  BIG  show. It’s a fantastic spectacle of artistry and acrobatics. I have to say that the show was nearly excellent.  My only complaint is sometimes the storyline becomes a bit drawn out  perhaps. But from an artistic standpoint, the color and design of the show was amazing fun and great to see in motion. Yes, videos don’t do the production justice. (But you can get a  sneak peak of KA online ). You have to see it live. It is probably one of the most elaborate shows, I have ever seen in my life.

There is no stage, as you would normally think of one. At the heart of the production is state of the art technology, that  provides two giant sized platforms  which seemingly hover over a fiery void. Platforms that can be either completely vertical or horizontal, that incorporate state of the art laser video projections  which interact with the cast providing life like ripples in water or rocks that seem to knock and hit a performer.

Designed by TISFOON , the stage can tilt through 100 degrees and rotate a continuous 360 degrees while artists are performing on it!  It is like nothing you have ever seen.

Called The Sand Cliff Deck, it measures 25×50 feet with a six-foot depth and is supported and controlled by an inverted gantry crane. It weighs 150-tons and rises 70-ft. at the rate of 2-ft/second from the depths of a two-story basement. The Sand Cliff Deck is capable of tilting up to 100-degrees at 2-degrees/sec.

The “stage” platform is a sand-covered beach at one point, until it tilts and the sand and performers slide off into the void. At another, it is a vertical wall on which the good guys flee while evil archers pepper them with arrows that thunk into the surface offering handholds and obstacles. At yet another, the stage area becomes a sort of gigantic thicket of grass in which the performers flit among enormous 16 foot bugs and 80 foot long snakes.

When you consider that Cirque du Soleil was founded by two past street performers, it’s quite amazing to see where they have gone as a company. Part mimes, part gymnasts, part magicians and 100% entertainers, the Cirque du Soleil performers, and the spectacles that they put on around the world, are visually stunning.

There are currently  SEVEN  different
Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas shows;  

KA at MGM Grand  ;  
Mystere  at Treasure Island
Viva Elvis at Aria  ;
Zumanity  at New York New York ;  
“O”  at  Bellagio ;
 Criss Angel Believe  at Luxor 
Beatles LOVE at Mirage

The Cirque du Soleil tickets for the Las Vegas shows range in price from $60-$150 for adults, and there are discounted Cirque du Soleil tickets for children for KÁ. There are ways to find discount Las Vegas show tickets, generally as part of a Las Vegas vacation package.

You can also buy Cirque du Soleil tickets at the respective casino box office for your show of choice, but if you wait until you get there, the show might already be sold out. PLAN AHEAD!

  Regardless of how you get your tickets for a Cirque du Soleil show, or what show you see,  you’ll be glad you did! 

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