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Kathy the Dog Nanny – Las Vegas’s BEST MOM

With more and more hotels in Las Vegas accepting smaller dogs, more travelors are taking advantage, and traveling with their furry friends. 

Some hotels simply provide a pet-friendly room. Others pamper four-legged guests with all sorts of goodies — cushy beds, fresh baked treats, squeaky toys or even fresh entrees from room service.
All this puppy love is here to stay, thanks to more Americans now traveling with their furry companions. According to one recent survey, nearly 60 percent of owners bring their pets with them on trips at least once a year.
But once you get to Las Vegas, you are probably going to be out and about a lot. Who spends much time in your room, when you are in Las Vegas?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a kind hearted, motherly type,  watch over your little dog?
Reliable. Friendly. Kind hearted. Thats Kathy the Dog Nanny.

I’ve always had a passion for children and pets. 

For as long as I can remember I have been involved in the wonderful world of children and dogs. I owned a ran a daycare for children for a number of years. And by becoming active in a multitude of canine activities I have become very knowledgeable about dogs.

I became a Nanny quite a few years ago. I am involved with puppies at all of the stages of their development. I just love dogs and love to give them attention!
Kathy the Dog Nanny
References Available
One of the MANY A+  references…

have known and respected Kathy the Dog Nanny for 9 years and find her
to be the most reliable person in town as both a friend and
entrepreneur.  She is honorable, reliable, sincere, caring and extremely
careful with her charges.  There is NOTHING she would not do to care
for the doggies and their people.  I truly believe she would place
herself on the line before letting anything negative happened to those
for whom she is responsible.  A mature, fun and compassionate person,
there is no one else with whom I would trust the care of my pet(s) or
me, for that matter.   Totally trustworthy and honest with many years
experience with caring for her own dogs and running a day care center! 
She is also well versed in nursing skills..I have seen her in action. 
Oh, and BTW, all dogs LOVE her!!  Please call me for a verbal
confirmation if desired, at 702-292-9326

Martha in Vegas; retired Personnel Officer for the Aviation Program of the US Customs Service.”