Siegfried & Roy Celebrate

siegfried and roy michael jackson

Roy Horn’s 70th celebrated at 1923 and with ‘Michael Jackson One’

Siegfried has said it before, and repeatedly, for a very long time.

“Always, I am waiting for Roy,” he says. “It is the story of my life.”

Siegfried tempered his frustration with a grin. Yes, Roy was behind schedule, it was his 70th birthday and he’d already had a full night before arriving after midnight at a party set to begin two hours earlier. The invitation-only crowd at 1923 Bourbon & Burlesque by Holly Madison finally swarmed the legendary entertainers as they were led into the club.

Balloons loomed throughout the nightspot as Siegfried and Roy were joined by an entourage that included Kenny Ortega (director of Michael Jackson’s thwarted “This is It” stage show and the “High School Musical” series), Bryan Singer (director of “X-Men”); Princess Irene (founder of the Magic Castle illusion enclave in Los Angeles); fellow magician Daren Romeo; and the ever-present Lynette Chappel (the Evil Queen in the duo’s stage show and a loyal confidant, aide and caregiver).

Also in the crowd were a few Las Vegas entertainers: Riviera magician Jan Rouven (soon to be moving out for the big room at Tropicana), singers Ben Stone and Jasmine Trias, and “Absinthe” singer Melody Sweets.



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