Dolphins Who Paint at the Mirage

The Mirage is offering visitors the chance to participate in the creation of artwork painted exclusively by dolphins.

The “Painting With the Dolphins” program at Siegfried & Roy’s
Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat in The Mirage allows guests to pick
and canvas and the three paint colors the dolphins will use to create a
masterpiece, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

“Our primary goal at the Dolphin Habitat is to ensure the highest
quality care, which includes high levels of physical and mental
stimulation for the animals daily. This program creates another avenue
to mentally challenge and engage our dolphins with their trainers while
providing guests with an unforgettable experience,” dolphin care curator
Phillip Admire said.

The trainers said the dolphins use ecologically friendly brushes held
in a buoy to allow the animals to easily and safely hold them with
their mouths.

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