Burt Wonderstone Filming This Week in Las Vegas

Isn’t it funny how times change?! Years ago, rarely was a film shot in Las Vegas, and if it was, gobs of restrictions were in place as to what could be shot and what could not, especially in the casinos.

It used to be, a tourist could get in trouble for taking a photo inside the casino gaming area – I don’t think that is true anymore.

Same is true for concerts. From 1980-2005, no show anywhere, would allow cameras in. Today, most shows welcome cameras! Because they know everyone is going to broadcast their crappy footage and photos on Social Media, thereby promoting said show! (Cirque du Soleil usually DOES NOT welcome cameras).

So this week around 400 extras have been hired to appear as Strip pedestrians, tourists and casino workers. Trailers line the streets and filming is well underway for the new Steve Carroll movie, Burt Wonderstone.

While NOT based on Siegfried and Roy, with his flowing blonde hair,
plunging maroon velvet jumpsuit and gold medallions, Steve Carell looked
every inch a Las Vegas show magician as he shot scenes for his  movie  yesterday.

49-year-old actor was worlds away from his usual appearance as he filmed
scenes for highly-anticipated comedy  alongside Steve
Buscemi and Olivia Wilde.

The movie tells the story of Vegas illusionist Wonderstone who reunites with his former magic partner Anton Lovecraft (Buscemi) as he decides to take on a rival street magician Steve Haines, played by Jim Carrey.

While the reunion of Carell and Carrey, who previously starred together in 2003 movie Bruce Almighty, is being looked forward to by millions of fans of the comedy giants, the film has not been without problems.

It has undergone several rewrites, and looked in trouble when, just two months after appointing Charles McDougall as director, he left the project with no reason being cited for the departure in April last year.

However, things picked up when Don Scardino signed on to direct the comedy, slated for release in 2013.

They are filming on location until Friday, and among the locations on the itinerary are interiors and exteriors at Bally’s, plus outside on the Strip and Downtown.

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