Model Jack Mackenroth 2012 Calendar for Charity

so this has nothing to do with Las Vegas!  BUT, it is a
very important cause, close to my heart and I wanted to share it with

EVERYONE needs a calendar, right? And they make great
gifts! And who doesn’t want hottie, model and activist, half naked Jack Mackenroth
 hanging on their wall?

This AUTOGRAPHED, high-quality, glossy, 15-month calendar is available for sale now!

The calendar begins in January 2012 and continues through May 2013.
Each month features a different photographer with a very different

Photographers taking part int the project include Adam Bouska (NOH8),
Rick Day, Carsten Fleck, Frank Louis, James Franklin, Karl Giant, Tommy
Synnamon, Mattheus Lian, Richard Gerst, Ray John Pila, Sonny Tong,
Thomas Evans, Krys Fox and Preston Cros with over 17 amazing images in

The calendar’s dimensions are 8.5 x 11 inches, and are available online for $14.95
(plus tax and shipping). Please allow 2 weeks for shipping as Jack is
signing and shipping them all personally. Please be patient.

100-percent of the proceeds from the calendar will go directly to amfAR, The American Foundation for AIDS Research ( to help find a cure for AIDS.
has been living with the disease for 22 years. As the first television
personality since Pedro Zamora to be vocal about his HIV status, Jack
Mackenroth has quickly become the most visible, out HIV+ advocate and
educator in the country… if not the world. With the release of his 2012
calendar, he hopes to raise both money and awareness for AIDS research,
and to show through his photographs that a person living with HIV can be
in top physical form, healthy and sexy.

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