LE REVE at Wynn Las Vegas is a Must – See Show!


A Cirque du Soleil style show  called  LE  REVE !

Created by DRAGONE, presented exclusively at Wynn Las Vegas.

Franco Dragone worked with Cirque du Soleil for 15 years,  putting his personal stamp on the Cirque brand, redefining the notion of circus, founding the artistic soul of the Company, and creating some of the most beloved and highly regarded shows in all of modern theatre. The first of these shows, appropriately enough, was called Le Cirque Reinvente (The Circus Reinvented, 1987), and it was followed by La Magie Continue (1989), Nouvelle Experience (1990), Saltimbanco (1992), Mystère (1993), Alegria (1994), Quidam (1996), ‘O’ (1998), and La Nouba (1999).

In 2000, having created multiple spectacularly successful shows back-to-back, Dragone did what many would have thought the unthinkable; he left Cirque du Soleil. It was time to go on his own, he wanted to grow artistically without any limitations.    The result is  Le Reve!  Imagine if  Busby Berkeley were alive today and had an unlimited budget.

The proof that Dragone’s name could stand on it’s own was affirmed when Steve Wynn hand-picked him to create the flagship show for his new resort, Wynn Las Vegas. On the heels of Wynn’s request, Celine Dion approached him to create a permanent show in Las Vegas that fused her world of music with Dragone’s artistic genius of theatre.

Today, the new company, DRAGONE, has launched two of the largest productions in the history of the Las Vegas Strip: Celine Dion’s A New Day, at Caesars Palace, and Le Rêve, at Wynn Las Vegas. Millions more people have now seen Dragone’s visionary productions and experienced a style of theatre that, in an age of blunt messages and blatant marketing, invites the audience to think—and, even more than that, to dream.


Wynn Las Vegas and DRAGONE have redefined the traditional theatrical experience with “Le Rêve” (The Dream), the evocative aqua spectacle in-the-round. It is an acrobatic, aquatic show featuring  amazing sculptured bodies, thrills, haunting music, a beautiful theater, and spectacular dazzling effects.  The show features an ambitious blend of aerial acrobatics, provocative choreography and outrageous antics from the colorful characters. “Le Rêve” is a unique entertainment experience with elaborate effects and powerful performances that conjure an imaginary world, at once intensely beautiful and breathtaking. It is our  favorite show in Las Vegas!

The international cast of more than 90 athletes (mostly male,stunningly fit,  wearing very little clothing and also wet from head to toe) and entertainers captures the imagination with their strength and agility. From a thrilling high-dive to synchronized swimmers doing the tango in red high heels, “Le Rêve” is captivating from beginning to end. Throughout the show, comedy and dance interweave with sexy athleticism for an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping experience. It’s like a beautiful vivid technicolor dream…..but your eyes are wide open!

Speaking of the athletes and their scultped bodies, artisitic director Brian Burke says, “It’s a brand new show every performance, so you learn how many times the performers can do those things per week and what the injuries are like. In this show, there are a lot of shoulder things because there’s a lot of hanging. We worked with the music composer Benoit Jutras with the music. I also worked on integrating the ballroom part of the show with Maksim Aleksandrovich from Dancing With The Stars so we did that together. [Production Designer] Michael Crete put a lot of elements like the flowers that you see and the fans. I’m really in charge of directing any new element that comes in with that design. I’ve gotten to work with the world’s best designers, plus working with the videos, the timing of the show, the pacing of the show and the story that we have.

A lot of people in the beginning had been in O, but a lot of people have actually not done a show like this before. We actually find a lot of people who have been to the Olympics, or are pre-Olympics, or didn’t qualify. Most people actually don’t train to do a show like that so we train the performers to do a lot of it here. So they have a talent like ballroom dancing or they are an aerial artist or they’re an acrobat and we train them to do the act and the other disciplines and that’s why it takes a long time.

Obviously, we hire based on the specialties. We have to find people in the States that could be technically qualified and then they are trained for about six months. We have 91 performers in the show but not every tableau has 91 people, so we do a rotation. We have a rule that nobody can do more than four major cues in a show because we found that we were having too many injuries. It also keeps the artists interested in doing the show because every night they come in and do a different show or they can learn a solo. For an artist, it’s a great show to be in because we’re always evolving the show and they never come in and do just one thing.

We have a full-time training staff and a training room and every six months they have to do a strength test and if they don’t qualify they have to be taken out of the show. We’ve created a physical test that they have to be able to do to maintain so that they know they can carry people in the air. A lot of our performers… some of harnessed in and some are just free grip. Strength is key. Before you do anything, you have to climb a rope, you have to do leg bends… there’s a strength regimen that you have to go through to pass the audition first and then we see you dance and move and improv. If you’re not strong enough, you just can’t maintain it.”

Since it’s opening in 2005, the show continues to be tweaked and chaged all the time.  The gorgeous theater  originally help 2087 seats. It  has been redesigned into an intimate showplace and  reduced to only 1606, with no seat more than twelve rows from the stage. The theater itself was repainted in warmer tones and given new, roomier seats and more plush surroundings. On top of all this they have created what they call a Champagne Circle where 100  guests sit in custom chairs sipping Perrier Jouet  champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, gourmet chocolate truffles, generously-scaled lounge seating, and video monitors which provide behind-the-scenes glimpses preparations in the locker rooms before the show, underwater and up-close imagery of the action during the show. PLUS, VIP package holders will experience the prestige of exclusive opportunities at Wynn Las Vegas with a “Privileged Access” pass for dining and entertainment on the day of the performance.

This V.I.P. treatment is worth the additional bucks.  I have seen the show from each of the three sections. There are no bad seats. And each seat gives you different vantage points, so it’s like seeing a new show everytime.

Ticket prices are $99 (Splash Zone- first two rows, I loved it here, you are SO CLOSE to the performers!),
 $129 (Premium Seating) and $179 (VIP IndulgencePackage), plus service change and tax.
The show schedule is 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
The show is dark (no performances) on  Wednesdays and Thursdays.
For more information  visit ENCORE LAS VEGAS  or call 702-770-WYNN.
You can also  call (702) 770-LGBT (5428) to speak to our dedicated LGBT concierge professionals
 to help you buy show tickets and more.


The most beautiful, the most breathtaking show,   you will ever see!  Le  Reve is a masterpiece!

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