Gay Las Vegas! This Ain’t Your Grandma and Grandpa’s Las Vegas!

In the 60’s Las Vegas had the Rat Pack. 

The 70’s brought seniors in polyester.

The 80’s brought Siegfried and Roy 
and Mega-themed resorts. More upscale dining
and high-end shopping comes to town.

The 90’s brought  more mega entertainment
 including Cirque du Soleil shows
 and $100 ticket prices. Steve Wynn  raises the bar.
We witnessed tearing down the old

classics to make room for even bigger and better  resort casinos, shopping  and hotels. The shopping in Las Vegas makes Rodeo Drive look like a discount outlet mall.

The new  Millennium years Las Vegas turned 100! More  young hip nouveau riche celebrity power comes to Las Vegas. The entertainment bar is raised again with CHER, Celine, Elton and Bette all fetching prices of $150 and up.

Las Vegas has changed and evolved over the years and now is getting gayer than ever! Yes GAY!  In  a recent survey by  Community Marketing ,  Las Vegas came up time and time again, by every gay demographic, in the top 3 US destinations places to visit!


In the 90’s we really  witnessed Las Vegas start to welcome the LGBT community and several resorts even started advertising in the LGBT markets. Now more than ever, Las Vegas goes to great lengths to be inclusive and welcome everyone. Many of the big casino resort nightclubs and ultra-lounges  even offer  GAY  NIGHTS! Many resorts will help you host and plan your gay wedding! It has become one of the gayest destinations in the United  States!


Gay and lesbian visitors are made to feel welcome all over town. The major Strip properties have provided their employees with sensitivity training. Las Vegas even has their own  exclusively all male gay resort, the Blue Moon Resort !


The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority  has been advertising in magazines designed for gays and lesbians for years, and in recent years, it started running commercials on gay-oriented cable stations.

“For a long time, Las Vegas has been perceived to be an inclusive destination,” said Terry Jicinsky, a gay man who is the convention authority’s senior vice president of marketing. And, unlike some destinations, it doesn’t need to remake its image for this audience. Gays and lesbians are attracted to Vegas for exactly the same reasons everyone else is. The agency, said Jicinsky is “not attempting to position Las Vegas as a destination for a ‘gay experience,’ such as Key West or Palm Springs might try to do.” 

It’s just  a  gay-friendly place the LGBT community is attracted  to – and welcomed at!

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