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Steve Wynn – Up On The Roof at ENCORE

Steve Wynn 
has continually raised  the bar in Las Vegas. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Wynn at the Grand Opening Party for Siegfried and Roys Secret Garden  at the Mirage in 1997. I was lucky enough to work for  Siegfried and  Roy  as a freelance  writer for 8 years, up until Roy’s unfortunate accident.

After the Miarge, Wynn went on to develop  BELLAGIO, then  WYNN, and most recently  ENCORE! Everytime outdoing himself! On our most recent trip to Las Vegas, we were able to stay at Encore. And on the TV in the room, you see this  video of what appears to be Mr. Wynn, sitting ON TOP of  Encore!  It must be a blue screen, you say to yourself!

Often it’s the question on the tip of every guest’s tongue from the moment he or she checks in, asked of bellmen and bartenders, front-desk clerks and dining reservationists: “Was Steve really up there?”

The answer—whether you’re speaking of Wynn or Encore, it should be noted—is an unequivocal yes. Steve Wynn did indeed stand, and then later sit, atop the roof of each of his resorts for the filming of their respective commercials. No stuntmen, no stand-ins, no computer-generated trickery was needed or requested; from the moment the idea was conceptualized, Wynn was passionate about performing this “stunt” himself, knowing the “did he or didn’t he?” element would inspire plenty of conversation. And so in the first spot, which debuted months before his eponymous resort opened in April 2005, Steve Wynn stood on the roof and announced, “This is my new hotel, the only one I’ve ever signed my name to,” before the camera, mounted on a helicopter, pulled back to reveal the glistening bronze building.

Given the considerable buzz surrounding the first ad, Wynn knew that Encore’s commercial, which debuted just prior to the resort’s December 2008 opening, had to take the concept to a new level. Wynn enlisted director Brett Ratner, best known for the Rush Hour series and X-Men: The Last Stand, and together the pair conceived the idea of sitting Wynn on the very precipice of Encore, 48 stories and 675 feet in the air, his legs dangling over the edge at the highest point of his now-signature swoop. Ultimately, Wynn knew he had to up the ante for his Encore announcement, and we’re sure you’ll agree that he succeeded!


Steve Wynn marked the opening of Encore Macau , his new, all-suites boutique hotel in Macau, with a fireworks spectacular yesterday.

Steve lit the first fuse in Macau to start the display at exactly 8:08 p.m Friday evening, the number for success and good fortune, illuminating the skies above Encore and its sister resort Wynn Macau in an extravagant 10-minute performance.

Thousands of people stood along the Nam Van Lake and Taipa shoreline to witness the production!

WYNN and  ENCORE  Las  Vegas

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Michael Jackson Comes to Las Vegas in 2012

Leave it to Cirque!
After smashing success
with all of their Las Vegas shows,
the magic of Cirque du Soleil
and the genius of the King of Pop
will be combined in the creation,
development, and production of
Michael Jackson projects based
on the music and songs of Michael Jackson.

An arena-touring show is expected to debut in late Fall 2011 and a Las Vegas permanent show is expected to open in late 2012.

Special lifestyle projects, including a nightclub to open with the Las Vegas show, will also be developed.

The first of these projects will be an arena-touring show in which fans will experience the excitement of a Michael Jackson concert, expected to debut in late Fall 2011. That arena show is anticipated to enjoy an extended run in Las Vegas in conjunction with longtime Cirque du Soleil partner MGM MIRAGE.

The Las Vegas permanent show, also in partnership with MGM MIRAGE, is expected to open in late 2012. MGM MIRAGE will announce the location and plans for the permanent theatrical venue at a later date.

Guy Laliberté, Founder of Cirque du Soleil, commented, “Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and an all-time phenomenal artist, both timeless and contemporary. As a creative challenge, this project is the ultimate. Through the use of cutting edge technology, we will produce a Cirque du Soleil experience not only worthy of Michael but unlike any other we have created before. We are also so pleased that our longtime partner MGM MIRAGE has once again joined us in presenting another unique creative experience in Las Vegas. ”

Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson commented. “Our family is thrilled that Cirque du Soleil will pay tribute to my son in such an important way.”

The Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil will each own 50 percent of each Michael Jackson project, sharing equally in the cost of creating, developing, building and producing the projects and in the profits from each project. The Estate of Michael Jackson will also receive royalty payments on various aspects of its intellectual property used in the Michael Jackson projects.

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Best of Gay Las Vegas – Fun Facts and Interesting Information

*  Las Vegas mega resorts are common today, but the first major resort
 built on the Las Vegas Strip was the El Rancho in 1941, with 110 rooms.
The hotel was destroyed by fire in 1960. In 1982 the former Thunderbird Hotel
was rebranded El Rancho Casino, creating some confusion.

* Over 36,000,000  people  visited  Las Vegas last year.

* Nearly 20,000 conventions are held in Las Vegas annually. 

*  Elvis Presley performed in 837 consecutive sold out shows at the Las Vegas Hilton Casino.

Allegedly…During the mid to late fifties Elvis’s lover was Nicholas Adamshock,
better known as Nick Adams, who started a movie career as a youngman and later peaked with his television series “THE REBEL.” Nick had been a friend, companion and roommate of James Dean, who also has been mentioned as having been more homosexual than heterosexual. In truth, Dean too was bisexual.

Many men claim they had sex with Dean and only one woman has
admitted she had sex with Jimmy when they lived together in
New York. Liz Sheridan, also known as “Dizzy” Sheridan,
(Seinfield’s mother on TV), wrote a book titled,
Dizzy & Jimmy: My Life with James Dean: A Love Story “.

*  The Riviera was the first high-rise hotel
on the Las Vegas Strip, it was nine stories tall.

* The strip took in $5.6 BILLION last year in gaming revenue
while the downtown area took in $524 MILLION.

* There are approximately  150,000 hotel/motel rooms in Las Vegas.

*  Nevada has more mountain ranges than any other state. 
The highest point is at the 13,145 foot top of Boundary Peak.

*  The average Las Vegas Valley household consumes about 230,000 gallons of water a year.

*  The famous Las Vegas Strip is not located in the city of Las Vegas. 
The strip actually comes under the jurisdiction of Clark County.

*  All-time single concert box-office record occurred in Las Vegas. 
The show took place on New Years eve 1999 for the Barbra Streisand concert production, at the MGM Grand, it grossed $14,694,750.00 from 12,477 tickets sold.  Previous concert box-office record for a show was $13.4 million when Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras
at the Giant Stadium in New York on July 20, 1996.

*  In Nevada it is mandatory that video slot machines must pay a minimum of
75% back to the player, this amount is determined over the life of a slot machine.

*  There is one operating slot machine in Las Vegas for every 8 residents.

In 1990  SIEGFRIED AND ROY  were the highest paid entertainers in the country.
They were hired by Steve Wynn, then manager of The Mirage, for an annual guarantee of $57.5 million.
In 2001, they signed a lifetime contract with the hotel. The duo has appeared in
around 5,750 shows together, mostly at The Mirage.
Their long-running illusion and magic act closed October 3, 2003
(Roy’s birthday) after Roy was severely injured by Montecore,
one of the act’s tigers during a performance.

The BLUE MOON Resort  is the first  (and as of today)
 Las Vegas’ only Hotel exclusively for gay men.

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