She’s Back! Get in Line for Celine Dion Tickets. Again.

Call me a bad gay – 
but I am sorry, I just don’t get what all the fuss about Celine Dion is all about.

I have never counted her among my all time favorite diva’s. I know I am going to get BOO’s for that!

Last night she returned to the Las Vegas stage at Caesars and they can’t print the tickets fast enough this time round. She is already selling out shows 10 months out!  AND  16 shows have been  added over New Year’s from Dec. 28 through Jan. 22. Is she not going to sleep?

People from around the world, flock to Las Vegas to see her. It’s like when Siegfried and Roy held court at the Mirage. People would fly in from around the globe to see them and plan their trips around when tickets were available.

Celine and manager husband Rene Angelil are already thinking of extending the new three-year contract by two additional years to make it another five-year stay.

“We are ready for the opening,” Rene told LAS VEGAS SUN  after the final rehearsal. “This is now it. Both Celine and I are very happy it is all together and ready. Celine says it is the perfect show for the fans, and I know they will love all the music and the special effects. She really excels singing live. She is outstanding and feels she is at the peak of her career. I believe people will want to see this spectacular again and again.”

WOW –  that’s all I can say!

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