World Pastry Champion and Food Network Star Chris Hanmer Opens A New Pastry Wonderland in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is now home
 to a new one-of-a-kind destination
 for visitors and local residents, and it’s one that is available nowhere else in the world.

The new hands-on experience will allow anyone to work alongside a world champion pastry chef to create colorful, edible, life-size pastry or chocolate art, whether for a single introductory session or master class, or as the fun centerpiece of a group or Las Vegas party/travel experience.

The School of Pastry Design  is the creation of celebrity chef and TV culinary artist Chris Hanmer, the youngest world pastry team champion ever, and one of the few such champions to come from the United States. The highly-creative, outgoing Hanmer is a former pastry chef for multiple AAA Five Diamond hotels, and he is a frequent face on the TV Food Network. 

He is the popular creator of “flexible chocolate,” a technique he invented while in the midst of a Food Network Challenge
While a world champion in every sense of the word, Chef Hanmer is also a friendly, down-to-earth, chef-next-door role model, a master of every major pastry art, and the antithesis of the stereotypical French pastry chef. 

His spectacular sugar sculptures and chocolate showpieces have graced the pages of major global food magazines, and he is now bringing his dynamic cooking techniques to a fantasy studio kitchen in Las Vegas where students can spend time learning or mastering the art of pastry design and have a great time doing so.
Hanmer allows visitors to learn and try their chosen subject, from basic pastry techniques to chocolate and sugar showpieces to industry-level cooking techniques. For the more casual pastry experience, he offers chocolate tastings, chocolate parties, creative cooking competitions for parties and showers, a unique “chocolate laboratory,” and light-hearted pastry classes for groups – all formats that work well with local residents as well as vacation and convention visitors to Las Vegas.
“You have to see this place to believe it,” says Chris Hanmer. “It’s amazing to think that the dream kitchens of food competition TV shows now have a match in Las Vegas, and that anyone can come in and create sugar, chocolate and pastry magic and have a great time in the process. The fact that we’re using superior professional equipment, ingredients and instruction just adds to the experience – and it truly can help make anyone feel like an artist.”

School of Pastry Design


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