Hundreds Expected for Anti-Bullying Rally October 4

 Bullying has lead to deaths all across the country. Tonight, a rally will be held in Las Vegas to try to prevent any deaths from happening in the community.

Bullies target their victims for different reasons — sexual orientation, race and even religion.

The recent suicides of students in middle school all the way through college is making local students want to do something before that trend happens here. They are hoping the rally is a start.

The rally is being called a Bully-Free Zone Rally, You Are Loved Campaign, and has been spreading on Facebook. Dinant says the turnout is expected to be in the hundreds.

The Clark County School District does have a no-bullying policy that includes a cyber-bullying policy, that may lead to suspension or expulsion. But the problem for students is they are afraid to speak up.

Administrators suggest talking to teachers students may have a close relationship with to avoid more of the bullying.

The rally will be held at 6 p.m. at the Bar Bistro at The Arts Factory, near Charleston and Main.

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