Lion Bites Trainer at MGM Grand – Escapes With Stiches

S C A R Y! 

A  400 pound male lion attacks a trainer who was standing by at the MGM Grand last week. Luckily, he escaped with stitches. His leg was  biten before another trainer and a lioness were able to break up the inter-species feud.

Fortunately, the trainer needed only stitches in his leg, according to Fox 5 News. MGM declined to release his or the lion’s name, but a spokeswoman told the press the trainer was not on the MGM staff and was eager to get back to work. The U.S. Agriculture Department is reportedly investigating the incident to see what could have provoked the lion to attack.

Still, both Las Vegas Zoo Director Pat Dingle and famed wildlife expert Jack Hanna agree that, all things considered, the lion probably wasn’t seriously trying to harm the trainer, because if he had been, the outcome likely would have been much, much worse. We all remember what happened to Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy when a big cat (in that case a white tiger) attacked him onstage at the MGM Mirage back in October 2003.


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